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How to Help Prevent the Progression of Gingivitis

7th August 2019

How to Help Prevent the Progression of Gingivitis

Periodontal disease is one of the most preventable diseases in the world and for something that can be so easily prevented, it is such a common issue that we see on a regular basis.

Significant research has been carried out over many years to find the scientific reason for periodontal issues. The main reason is down to the build-up of bacteria that is caused by poor personal oral hygiene. If left for too long, these bacteria continue to grow and eventually leads to plaque build-up and ultimately gum related diseases.

This blog will talk about the dangers of gingivitis and ways in which you can prevent the progression of the plaque build-up becoming more serious.

According to perio.com, ‘over half of Americans have some form of periodontal disease’ which considering the size of the country and the preventability of the disease, it makes for quite shocking reading. In the UK, the statistics are even more disturbing according to BUPA with ‘up to nine in every 10 people have some gum disease, even if it’s only a small amount’.

Personally, I find these statistics shocking and it especially resonates with me. Why is such a preventable disease so common in people? What are we doing as professionals to help get these messages across? With every patient that walks through our doors here at Birmingham Dental Specialists, if they have an issue that is easy to prevent at an early stage, I will make sure that they walk out of my doors knowing the risks of the progression of these kinds of diseases, knowing how to properly look after their teeth and knowing what equipment they should be using whilst brushing.

I see so many patients leave it too late because they were unaware of what’s required to properly look after their mouth so I try to make as much information regarding these topics available on my website and in our practice.

What Cleaning Methods Should You Be Implementing?

When it comes to cleaning your teeth, this is what so many of my patients feel they do regularly enough to be ‘immune’ from these sorts of issues. It is not the number of times that you clean your teeth but more the quality of the clean. This is where so many people slip up with their brushing techniques and what you should be using whilst brushing.

It is fairly common knowledge that you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day but what else should you be doing when preventing the progression of gingivitis. As well as brushing your teeth, you should also be carrying out interdental cleaning through flossing and interdental brushes but even then, this can still be substandard and not good enough to prevent the progression of gingivitis and other gum related issues.

Utilising fluoride-based rinses and toothpaste is essential to the elimination of bacteria and as well as the brushing techniques that you should be utilising when cleaning, you should also be looking to use fluoride-based paste and rinse to eliminate any tiny bacteria that you may miss even with the perfect clean.

How Can Gingivitis Progress?

Gingivitis and advanced periodontitis are extremely preventable and as long as you are making regular visits to your dentist and cleaning properly, you should have nothing to worry about.

Gingivitis is really the initial stage of advanced gum disease and if left untreated, it can progress to a much more serious situation. Each stage of gum disease is highlighted below and it should help you understand how important it is to be regularly cleaning to avoid these issues.

Source: Colgate

My Recommendations

Any form of gum-related issues is so easily prevented if nipped in the bud early enough. As long as you ensure that you regularly make visits to your dentist and utilise the methods I’ve mentioned above, you should have nothing to worry about. Research is being regularly carried out and more effort is being put into the research things like probiotics to use as an alternative to mouthwashes with high Ph levels.

What I can recommend is good brushing, interdental cleaning and rinsing if you are unable to control plaque levels. Be sure to regularly visit your local dentist, follow these steps and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

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